Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How do I get members involved who don't wish to get dirty?

Dirt grows on people - that is, it takes time to acclimate people who otherwise have sterile lives to the idea of touching earth and soil!

#1. Call it SOIL! - Dirt is something that most people try to rid themselves of. Soil is something that nourishes and provides growing room for plants and food - vegetable, animal or mineral.

#2. Keep clean areas clean. This may sound counterintuitive, however the general idea of going to a farm becomes more palatable when a person knows there will be clean restrooms, clean CSA area, or a clean porch with rocking chairs!

#3. Throw Parties!!! Square dances, potlucks, picnics, concerts, potato digs, workshops and local chefs coming to show you how to "do it right" are all great ways to get people excited about being on the farm. After a few of these you might even start to see bare feet!

#4. Get kids involved. If you get the kids involved, the parents often will join in too! Its much easier to mold a young mind than an older one.

#5. Introduce them slowly." Mr. and Mrs. Clean, please meet my good friend soil" This can occur through activities such as washing off produce, or banding carrots that are fresh from the garden.

Whatever you choose to do, there are lots of things to be done around a farm and CSA that don't require kneeling in the soil or digging with one's hands. Slow progression towards "getting dirty" often yield the best results!

Good luck!
Robyn Van En Center

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