Friday, February 20, 2009

Survey- Your Comments Are Welcome and Important!

Currently we are in the process of going through our entire CSA farm directory, about 1350 farms, state-by-state, in order to provide an up-to-date listing of CSA farms. Another project that we are starting is an attempt to update the center in general and to be able to provide services that the CSA community would like to see. We have designed a survey with questions that address these issues. Please feel free to fill out the survey. Your comments are very helpful and we will be taking them into much consideration. Thank you for your time in helping us.
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Robyn Van En Center New Blog

We're very happy to be launching the first Robyn Van En Center blog. We feel that the blog will be in an improvement to the services of the RVEC and make communication within the CSA community more interactive. We look forward to communicating with you! Contact us with questions, concerns, or suggestions ( or (717) 264-4141 Ext. 3352). Thank you.