Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CSA Business Help is at Hand!!!

We were just recently introduced to some really neat software from The developers have created easy to use spreadsheets and programs as well as website development so that your CSA book keeping can become a lot easier! Take a look to see how they can help you become more accessible and reduce your stress.

From the minds of Small Farm Central:

Top Ten Ways You'll Love the Member Assembler
Posted October 22nd, 2009 by simon.huntley

1. Your own site: It's your own site and it's your data -- customers will never know about Small Farm Central and the Member Assembler. Your online CSA sign-up page is customizable and at your own address, such as

2. Cost-effective: At $1/per member per season the Member Assembler will pay for itself in saved time within a very short period. You are billed as your membership grows, so you don't have to worry about paying for members than you will need. Read more about pricing.

3. Easy to use: The Member Assembler is designed with the needs of the non-technical farmer in mind -- you don't need to know all the technology, you just want to manage your members.

4. No risk: Free for the first 25 members and no billing until January 2010.

5. Payment processing: Automatically process payments through Google Checkout or PayPal -- once payment is made, the payment is associated with the member in the Member Assembler so you can easily keep track of balances and payments.

6. Or no payment processing: Don't like the idea of sending 2+% of your CSA sales to the credit card man? Use our invoice only payment processing (ie no payment is processed online) and take checks in the mail.

7. Integrated: The Member Assembler is tied right in to the Small Farm Central website development service, so you can run your website with the member service right on top of it or you can run the Member Assembler as a stand-alone service.

8. Export Data: Download excel spreadsheets of all your membership data to import into other applications such as accounting, to print, or process in any way you like!

9. Small Farm Central: We are the leading web services company geared only to the needs of the direct marketing farm -- with over 250 sites and 1 million views per month we are always improving our services and provide personal, understanding customer support.

10. Mailing Lists: Quickly send out blast emails to your membership with our mailing list tools -- even send specific messages to individual pick-up locations

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