Monday, May 4, 2009

Ideas from Robyn Van En, 1988

From Basic Formula To Create Community Supported Agriculture by Robyn Van En
(Keep in mind that the copyright for this publication is 1988)

"Between the United States and Canada we could use a million new farmers. Even if only one thousand of them were CSA farmers it would be a vast improvement over the existing situation in agriculture. Several training schools and sophisticated appreticeship programs have been established to start fill-ing this need. CSA is also a 'hand in glove' fit with the Land Trust movement and the logistics of this are being explored and developed across the country everyday.

Agriculture that aims to be socially, economically and ecologically responsible from the get-go has been all but lost. CSA returns farmers and community members to these standards with much opportunity to affect and implement these goals. CSA is an approach to farming and community building that can improve every year. One discovers so much about the land and the nature of things in the course of a year; and the same goes for the dynamics of interacting with the core group or steering committee besides the other sharing members. Maybe the most important thing that is learned is that there is so much more to learn.

The community approach to agriculture is increasing in demand yearly. Every city, town and village should have the option of creating their own food system where they can actually see the vegetables growing, be informed about how the vegetables are grown, and know who is growing them."